How to Compose a Research Paper on Technology Addiction

Recent innovations in computer technology have created a wealth of new forms of entertainment and communication. From social media platforms and old-fashioned message boards, to online games and mobile apps, it’s hard to be bored when you have a computer in front of you or a smartphone in your hand. Computers have become valuable tools, allowing us to communicate with one another instantly, do work remotely for our jobs, and talk about our hobbies with like-minded people halfway across the world. However, there’s a dark side to the wonders of modern technology: addiction. Technology addiction is quickly becoming recognized by the mental health community as a real disorder, similar to gambling addictions or substance abuse in its potential to completely absorb a person’s mind and life. Using technology, from detailed and immersive RPG games to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, can become a compulsive behavior. Because technology addiction is a rather new field of academic study, it can be an interesting and original topic for a research paper.

Here are a few useful ideas for how to compose a research paper about technology addiction.

  • Choose an area to focus on. “Technology addiction” might be rather broad for many research paper assignments. You could focus on addiction to a certain type of technology. For example, many people with a video game addiction don’t use social media compulsively, and vice versa. It can vary from person to person, with different types of media or technology turning into addictive behaviors. Your paper is often easier to research and write if you’ve narrowed down your topic somewhat.
  • Examine the neuroscience behind technology addiction. Addictions in general have been the topic of a large body of scientific research, and quite a bit is known about the neurochemical and psychological processes involved in most addictions. Some individuals may be genetically prone to addiction, and psychological issues like anxiety and depression can cause someone to turn to drugs, gambling, or technology as a coping mechanism. This is worth discussing in your research paper.
  • Consider the rise of technology addiction over time. “Technology” is a broad topic, encompassing everything from prehistoric stone tools to modern computers. However, “technology addiction” pertains to certain types of technology, mainly video games and the Internet. These are relatively new additions to the human experience, so their prevalence as sources of addiction is a recent phenomenon. It might be interesting to research when these addictions began to become widespread.

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