Basic Tips For Composing A Research Paper Thesis Statement

You want your research paper to be well composed and to reflect your voice in it. The beginning of this is writing your thesis statement. Not only does it set the tone for the rest of the paper, but it also gives your readers a good idea on what to expect from your paper in general. You will want to include these in your thesis statement:

  1. Make it clear the type of paper that you are writing. Whether analytical, expository, argumentative, or something else altogether, you want it to be stated.

  2. You need to be specific in what you will discuss and what is going to be used as support.

  3. It needs to be placed at the end of the first paragraph.

  4. Keep in mind that as you write your topic may change based on the research you do. You will then need to revise your statement. You may want to write it after you have finished your project so that it reflects your paper perfectly.

  5. The crafting and drawing up of your statement should be strong. It is not something that you are going to be able to do until after you pick a topic and research your topic. It is not something that you will do as soon as you are handed your assignment.

After you have finished your statement, you can get an idea of how strong it is and decide if it needs work by asking yourself these easy questions:

  • Does it focus on the question that your paper asks?

  • Have I made my position very clear?

  • Am I very specific in my statement?

  • Does connect to the larger issues of your paper?

  • Does my statement accurate blend with my paper? You do not want your reader to ask why it is there.
  • Make sure it is not open-ended and that it has plenty of guidance that will lead your readers to your point.

You will want to rewrite your statement if you question whether or not it fits into your paper. It does not need to be sound like it is forced. The confidence that you have in your paper that you received through your research should be shown. You will see that if makes your paper tie together so that it is clear and precise.

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