Writing an Effective Conclusion to a Research Paper

Don’t make the mistake of getting all the way to the end of your paper and then lose your focus. A lot of writers just want to throw together their conclusion. They have worked so hard to get to that point and without thinking, they just write anything to get it over with. It is the final stretch and just getting anything on paper seems good enough.

Think about a movie that was great all the way up to the end. The ending was horrible, so your lasting impression was that the whole movie was horrible. Don’t waste all of that time doing the research and writing all of that information to blow it at the end. Write an effective conclusion for your research by using these strategies.

  1. Stress how important the thesis statement is

    One of the components of an effective conclusion is to let your audience know how important the thesis statement is. Because it is the main reason why you are writing the paper and it is what you are trying to prove, stressing the importance in the conclusion helps bring the paper together.

  2. Complete the essay

    Tie up any lose ends in the essay. Bring it to a close so that the reader feels a sense of completeness. The essay will come full circle and it will have a nice ending.

  3. Leave a final impression

    The conclusion is the last chance to impress your audience. It is your last chance to prove your point and your last chance to make your paper stand out from the rest. If you do it correctly, it will make a big difference.

  4. More than a summary

    Do more than just summarize what you have already written. Make a point to show the reader the conclusions that you have drawn from your research.

  5. Leave them with something to think about

    Redirect your reader to a similar topic but one that is a little different. Or relate it to a current event. Anything that you can think of that will keep the reader’s mind flowing well after the essay has been over.

Your conclusion should be a strong one. It should not only restate the thesis but it should go above and beyond the reader’s expectations. You can’t expect to get a strong reaction from your paper without ending strong.

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