How To Make A Solid Conclusion Paragraph For A Research Paper: Five Easy Tips

As you come to the final paragraph of your research paper, you're probably going to feel like a marathon runner as he nears the final stretch of the race (or Lance Armstrong if you've been using Beta-blockers.) But any athlete can tell you, the final stretch of the race is never the easiest. Writing a really good concluding paragraph can be difficult, but you should never opt for an average one and ruin the paper you've been working so hard on. So, here are five tips to help you write that all important concluding paragraph.

Read what you have written far

  • Before you begin your concluding paragraph, it is important to read what you have written so far.
  • By doing this, your essay will be fresh in your mind, the early paragraphs which you wrote an eternity ago will seem as new as the one you just wrote. This will allow you to provide a strong summing up.

Don't provide a summary of your essay

  • This may seem to go against the first point, but you should always be careful not to simply provide a summary of your work in the final paragraph as it may seem repetitive.
  • Your concluding paragraph should contain a condensed idea, not a condensed essay.

Discuss what you have taken away from your work

  • It is a good idea to add a personal note to your concluding paragraph by discussing the affect working on your research paper has had on you.
  • Discuss the opinion you held on the topic before you began your work and compare it to the opinion you hold now. Is it the same? If not, why not?

Bring it back to the title

  • In your concluding paragraph, you should reiterate your title/topic and bring your essay back around to it.
  • This is beneficial as it shows the reader that you have completed a paper which did not stray from the original topic and gives the work a nice feeling of "roundness."

Come up with a good concluding line

  • Call it writer's instinct if you must, but I have always felt it best to end essays with a intelligent, memorable line which will make an impact on the reader.
  • It is impossible to say how one comes up with a good concluding line, but the moment you find it, you'll think to yourself "Oh, that's good."

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