Get to Know the APA Term Paper Format

Writing a term paper for school is a long project and when there’s specific formats you have to do, it can take even longer. Once you know how everything needs to be laid out, it’ll be easier for you to complete it. This article will talk about each part of your term paper and how APA format dictates it should look. Remember to still refer to your professor’s instructions for more detail.

Term papers are meant to test your knowledge of the new concepts introduced so far in the semester. This is your chance to show your teacher that you’ve learned what you needed to, and you’re able to apply it in a creative way. Doing this will get you a great mark on the paper and raise your overall class grade. When you can do really well on a term paper, it’ll balance out some of the smaller assignments you might have done less well on.

Likewise, if you’ve done well on everything else, this will just boost your already high grade. No matter what subject it is, you can write an awesome term paper if you follow these simple tips:

Title Page

Make sure you have a running header a short version of your title, and a page number on the left hand side. Then in the center of the page, double spaced, write your full title name, then your name, and the university or college’s name.


Center the word Abstract at the top of the page and don’t indent your first line. Your abstract needs to be clear and detailed, but no longer than 250 words.

Term Paper Format APA

Continue with the page numbers in the left hand corner, and the running head of your short title version. All the body of your paper should be 12 point font, an easily readable one such as Times New Roman. Double space everything, and indent the first line of each paragraph. Make sure it’s completely aligned left, not justified.

References Page

Center References at the top of the page. Then proceed to list all of the references you used in alphabetical order by author last name. If there is an unknown author, use the first letter of the title for alphabetizing. Double space just like the rest of the paper. indent every line except for the first line, 0.5” or five spaces.

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