Summary of a Scholarly Article

Journalism and Mass Communication Educator focuses on the needs that are professionally required in journalism and mass communication. Additionally, it clearly stipulates the needs of an educator and administrator taking into consideration secondary and idealistic positions. The article also stresses on the improvement and development that new teaching methods, new courses, and advancement technology have played a critical role in encouraging success in the classroom. The article clearly brings out the statistics on learners enrollment and profession interests, the new trend in curriculum structures, investigations, and people opinion.

This article promotes students and the community involvement in research so as to develop knowledge, skill and abilities that will be of great significance theoretically and even practically. In addition, the article promotes the embracement of change and advancement of technology. The journal brings out the best teaching and learning techniques that will promote the acquisition of knowledge and skills. It also focuses on the need for the best curriculum that covers all the required skills in Journalism and mass communication. Based on this article, leadership skills is very vital in learning the process and gaining knowledge in the journalism field. Within the article, one comes across various questions, evidenced based practices and best practices required for a journalism and mass communication professional.

The article also offers what quality writing entails taking into consideration US biggest public relations. Through the assessment the largest firm, opinion of communication departments across the country is achieved. The end results of the research demonstrated in the article offers a baseline for future anticipation. The article also brings out such critical factors as the location, and the type of public relation and market size. These factors have a great impact on the quality of knowledge, skills and abilities imparted to the student taking journalism and mass communication. From the article, it’s evident that writing has a great room for improvement and that improved education structure and research can have tremendous benefits to the educators.

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