College Research Paper Topic Ideas for Biology Courses

With so many new developments in science, medicine, biology, and physics lately, there are a plethora of topics for students to write about in any of the scientific disciplines.

Many great essay topics can be found at websites created by specific colleges, such as Bryn Mawr. Many schools have whole websites devoted to biological studies. Search for the most respected universities for studying biology in the United States and then search for that school’s name “and Biology” or “Biology Paper Topics.” Some of these university websites not only give you lists of topics with databases full of scholarly articles on them, but also show you sample student prize-winning essays on these topics as well.

Another great source of biological paper sites can be found on sites such as Nova’s science site and other popular science shows like this. Also search respected scientific websites that are chronicling what scientific researchers are hard at work on now. The recent work done to further the ability to grow our own organs on the backs of mice is a fascinating subject in itself. These researchers’ findings are world transforming, to say the least.

  1. The Modern Theory of Evolution: What Today’s Scientists Say Now That We’ve Learned More
  2. Do We Really Come From Fish?: What We’ve Learned Since Darwin
  3. New Development in Organ Research: How Scientists are Growing Organs Toda
  4. Genetic Engineering Today
  5. New Developments in Molecular Biology Today
  6. Coral Reefs and Why They are Eroding: A Biological Study of This Simple Celled Organism
  7. The Mechanics that Lead to Evolutionary Change
  8. How Animals Adapt to Their Environment
  9. How is Genetic Variation Related to Evolution?
  10. The Process of Speciation
  11. New Developments the Study of Autism
  12. New Developments in Cloning
  13. Bioluminescence: How Glowing Organisms are Saving Lives
  14. Choosing the Sex of Your Child from a Scientist’s Perspective
  15. New Discoveries in Conquering Breast Cancer
  16. The Importance of Mammograms in Women’s Health Today
  17. How Today’s Antidepressants Are Saving Lives
  18. Is ADD Over Diagnosed?
  19. What We’ve Learned About the Brain’s of Creative Individuals
  20. In the Future Will We Cure Addiction? Science and Addiction Theories Today

With today’s advancements in science, the future of science is as sure to be as fascinating as it is todays, giving us countless topics to read – and write about.

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