List Of Outstanding Topics For A History Research Paper

When you go to choose you topic for your history research paper, there are few things you want to keep in mind as you are selecting your topic.  You first want to pick and event that you have a general interest in and don’t just think of what happened in the event but how you interpret what happened.  This puts a personal touch on your research paper.

After you have selected you topic you have to first start to brainstorm ideas of where you want your topic to go. Then compose your thesis statement and start your research.  Once you have all your information, you can make an outline of all that you will cover.  This will help you write your introduction, body, and conclusion of your history research paper.  The key to picking an outstanding topic is to pick one that is different or unique but you can also pick a topic that has been done before and be creative with how you present the topic.

Outstanding Topics For A History Research Paper

  • Early America:  Doing a research paper on events that happen in early America can make for an outstanding topic for your research paper.  Examples: The affect of Europeans arrival to the Native Americans.  You can explain why Native American rebelled against the settlers.  You could also write about the Seven Year’ War.
  • Civil Rights Movement: You could do a research paper on Brown Vs. The Board Of Education.  Martin Luther King or how did Kennedy shape civil rights.
  • Pick A War:  You can pick a war to do your topic, like the Civil War, World War I or II, the Cold War, Vietnam, etc.  When you pick on of these wars you want to focus on a certain part of the war to do you topic on.  This means you can pick a certain group soldiers, events or battles, the effect it had on others, etc.  You want to pick something specific to make it outstanding.
  • Technology:  Technology has affected so many aspects of history.  Technology has improved the way that we do things and helped make manufacturing and other industries produce products faster.  You can pick a piece of technology and show how it changed history.
  • Feminism:  You can talk about woman’s suffrage, the feminism movement during the 60’s, or how feminism shape the woman’s rights and other rights that woman have today because of it.

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