Who Can Help Me Write a Five Paragraph Research Paper

So, you have been assigned a five-paragraph research paper. Typically, these papers are not that difficult to write because they leave so little to pure invention and they follow a very rigid structure.

The Structure of a Five Paragraph Research Paper

The structure of a five-paragraph research paper is always the same:

  1. Introduction + state thesis on issue or argument at the end of the paragraph.

    **You must have a firm, guiding thesis at the end of paragraph one. Try an “I statement.” “I believe that we must do something about global warming now, for the future of our planet.”

    You can always edit out the “I” later.

  2. Evidence of thesis with Research in Paragraphs II-IV
  3. Closing in Paragraph Five.

Getting Help on a Five-Paragraph Research Paper

First, if you’re having trouble selecting a topic, there’s no better person to ask for some ideas than your instructor. Tell him or her you want to leave the bulk of your time on essay creation and writing in case you’ll have trouble and not on just coming up with a topic, and they’ll be glad to help.

The Writing Center at Your School

You can always try the writing center at your school. They are likely to already have a folder full of this teacher’s assignments and will be willing to sit down and help you being the essay and help you learn how to weave in quotes and paraphrases as well as how to cite all of these in your paper.

Ask a Scholarly Writer from the Class

Is there another student in the class who makes As when they’re not even trying. You could ask them how they learned to write research papers so well and perhaps they’ll even talk to you about the current assignment you have together.

Seek Help Online Via Handouts or a Live Tutor

Lastly, there are thousands of resources now available to you on the web.

For Five Paragraph Research Papers, you Can Find All of the Following on Google:

  • Websites to educate you on how to write a five paragraph essay
  • Power Points with examples of the five paragraph essay
  • Homework helpers who can help you strategize an essay live
  • One-on-one tutors who can help you via Skype
  • And handout after handout from high school and university English departments who can help you write and research your essay.

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