A Handful of High School Research Paper Topics Ideas

By the end of the last school year, students learn a number of writing techniques and acquire all skills necessary for writing persuasive, descriptive, narrative, expository, and many other types of essays. However, before they graduate from school, they also have to learn how to write one more types of research papers. This will require the implementation of all research skills and writing techniques they have developed so far.

In most cases, the students get the freedom to choose the topic they would like to research. Their choices may be guided by their interests and preferences, or the knowledge of particular phenomena. However, they sometimes need to look through some ideas for research paper topics to formulate their own.

Here is a handful of challenging research topics to choose from:

  1. Negative effects of aggressive music genres on a child’s psyche.

    Investigate modern music genres that can be referred to as being aggressive, and define their influences on the states of mind of underage children.

  2. Negative effects of mass media on people’s personal lives.

    Define the influence mass media has on society; study some cases where celebrity marriages were ruined by mass media intervention.

  3. Censorship in advertising.

    Explore different types of censorship, and the spheres where it was and is applied; choose one TV channel and analyze the blocks of advertisements it provides in terms of vulgar language and obscenity.

  4. Censorships in music videos.

    Explore the history of censorship and where it was applied in certain countries; choose one music TV channel and analyze the types of music videos it provides.

  5. Types of non-military invasions.

    Study the latest military conflicts in Europe and Africa; define what types of non-military intrusions by third parties can be traced there.

  6. Genetically modified food: a way to stop famine or get high profits.

    Dwell on the history of genetics and its implementation into agriculture. Enumerate all positive and negative consequences of GMF production.

  7. The recent rise in the number of volcano eruptions: causes and aftereffects.

    Study the recent eruptions in Japan and China; try to interrelate them with industrial activities carried out in the world.

  8. Pros and cons of gun control.

    Explore the recent cases of school shootings; state whether these tragedies could be avoided.

  9. Passion vs love: reasons to get married.

    Hold a poll among students to find out what makes people get married, according to the modern generation. Then, compare the results with those of their parents’ polls.

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