How to Make a Title Page for a Research Paper

Knowing how to create a title page for a research paper is, relatively speaking, a very easy task. That is all the more reason why you should get it perfectly correct. To add to the so-called ease of the task, we are talking here about a matter of minutes. In other words there is absolutely no excuse why you should not get this task perfectly correct.

It's important to understand that if you are writing with a particular format in mind, the precise details set out on the title page for a research paper may change. The two most common format requirements are APA and MLA. Your teacher or professor can certainly explain the requirements according to the format they require but if you are in any doubt then there are numerous free websites which clearly provide instructions.

Remember that before you go ahead and produce your research paper you must do two things.

  • Have the title or topic approved by your teacher or professor.
  • Be absolutely sure of the format requirement which is essential.

The details below are those required if the format for your research paper is the APA format. Remember to check which particular format is required.

The title of your research paper is typed and placed about half way down the page -- that is in the middle of the page. It is centred. It is not all in caps but obviously all relevant words will start with a capital letter.

Head to the bottom of the page and again using the centre key, you list your personal details which consist of the following. Your name, the name of your college, school or university and the date on which you have submitted your research paper. In some cases you may need to include the name of your teacher or supervisor and also the year level at which you are studying.

On every page of your research paper you will have what is known as a running heading or header. This will also appear on your title page. This information will be short and is a mini version of the topic or title of your research paper. Use no more than 50 characters so this is even shorter than the largest tweet on Twitter.

Now all of the above will take only a few minutes but getting it spot-on is vital.

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