Finding Sample Research Paper Outline

When you are tasked with writing a research paper, one of the key steps you must take prior to completing a draft is to create an outline. An outline is where you get all of your thoughts down on paper and play around with the organization until it feels right. The outline comes before the first draft. With a completed outline, you should be able to write your entire essay quickly and with ease. Some teachers require an outline be submitted before you are allowed to write your first draft. Many teachers want to review the organization and content before they give approval on the draft. Other teachers do not require an outline, but ask that you make one anyway.

The outline can be listed in one of two commons forms. No form is better than the other. It is merely a matter of what works best for you.

  • One way is to list the headings and beneath them to list the information you are going to include, such as arguments and evidence in bullet form. Bullet form is shorter and much more concise than the alternative. Bullet form is where you write things down in a stream of consciousness style, one that is short and sweet but too not wordy. This method forces you to then expound upon the short notes when you write.
  • The alternative is to list your headings and subheadings beneath which you write out completed sentences that you can essentially copy and paste into your final draft.

If you are struggling to complete your paper you may benefit from looking at sample research paper outlines. Sample research paper outlines can help guide you in terms of what information, organization, or style you need to use for your paper.

Sample research papers can also show you visually what is expected of you. It can show you the average length that other students have used, or how many quotes or pieces of evidence are directly integrated into a research paper.

There are many places that you can look over research paper outline samples for free. The first place is your teacher. If your teacher asks that you submit an outline, you can ask for a sample to review from a previous student or perhaps from their collection. You can also look at writing guides which often contain samples for each style of writing, including the research paper.

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