Can a Professional Who Writes an Essay for You Revise It for Free?

Can a professional who writes an essay for you revise it for free? A Professional writer knows there are things that will come up and changes needed. So the agreement should cover it, and that includes limited revisions. Yes, there are rules that need to be paid attention to, by both the Client, and the Provider. So what should be looked at to ensure the best work and association between the Client and the Provider?

  1. Agreements
  2. Points to consider
  3. How many Revisions?
  4. What should be Revised?


When dealing with a Company or a Freelancer, an agreement is made. This is basically a contract of sorts that specifies what will and will not be done. This is where the Client, the student, states what they want, and what material needs to be covered. An agreement for large works, like a dissertation, would likely be in sections, or milestones. Milestones, as points where the writer will turn in their work to be reviewed and if all is well, paid for that part of the job. The number of revisions will be set by the Provider, and conditions might be set as well. This is their option.

Points to Consider

Some important points to look at are what is being offered by the Provider.

  • Number of revisions
  • Number of milestones
  • Limits of Revisions
  • Time of Job

How many revisions the provider offers can be a point, if the research is still ongoing. And at the same time, the Provider has to have a limit for their own benefit. Here is a place the student cannot expect an unlimited amount, but should at least have a reasonable number. Just as to the limits of revisions, need to be reasonable for both the student and the provider.

How many Revisions?

This is a tricky subject. It is because the Provider has to protect themselves: and the Student needs to have some play room. Just in case changes need made, for one reason or another. Neither can be too free, and at the same time it has to be fair to both sides. So this is a topic that has to be looked at and if the student feels it is not good, then ask for a change in it. They might get it, they might not.

What should be Revised?

Only information that is important, or vital to the paper. If after the work was sent in to the provider, an important piece of information was discovered, and something that could make an impact on the quality of the work, then have it added in. An item just because it is interesting, or the student likes, but has no real importance, should not be.

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