Great Ideas for Topics for an Organizational Behavior Term Paper

Organizational behaviour as a field overlaps with Psychology and Human Resource Management in several ways. Its practitioners find themselves dealing with issues that can make or break companies from the inside out slowly or suddenly if a single mistake is made. As a student in this field, your insights can become very valuable to companies that may not yet exist. Here are some great term paper ideas you can consider.

  • Ergonomics in workplaces with diverse body types and ability levels

    Traditional ergonomics deals with the creation of workstations and environments that are comfortable for the people that use them. Unfortunately, these designs often assume a certain amount of similarity in the shape of the human body that does not consider obese, differently abled or otherwise non-typical members of staff. This paper can consider the ways that these people can be catered to in design.

  • Creating corporate culture among a remote workforce

    Most companies have some sort of culture that they aim to indoctrinate the workforce in. This becomes harder when the staff members never enter the building or no building even exists. This paper can dig into methods that companies can use to create that feeling of solidarity no matter where their workers work from.

  • Implementing a shorter workweek for increased productivity

    Recent research has pointed to a likely increase in productivity resulting from a reduced work week and some companies have taken this to heart and implemented it already. This paper can consider the wisdom of such actions and whether they signal an oncoming paradigm shift.

  • Sensitizing older staff members to the changing landscape in gender

    Previous generations are not always comfortable with the diversity of gender expression currently being embraced into the norm. This paper can discuss how a sensitization can take place which leads to greater acceptance.

  • How feasible are calorie burning workstations to the average office?

    There are many health issues directly related to a sedentary lifestyle which cost both organizations and governments billions every year. This paper can discuss the feasibility of work stations that include exercise equipment.

  • Should more organizations attempt to retain staff who intend to retire?

    Often older staff members take valuable company information with them when they retire so this paper can consider the merits of retaining them in the organization a bit longer. This is possible now due to longer lifespans.

By using theories from your studies, any one of these topics can yield a thought provoking paper.

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