Creating A Research Paper Executive Summary Outline

A research paper in itself is a trying and intimidating task for most students. You will have to keep up with research, make rough drafts, conduct experiments and documents the findings. On top of all this you will also have to write the executive summary. An executive summary is a review of the crucial topics covered in your paper. It should be read by examining invigilators to get an idea about what your paper is about and what are your conclusions from the research.

How to write an executive summary

Writing a summary for your paper is easy. But when you consider all the work and effort you will have to put behind the actual paper it seems like a boring chore. However you should not write it poorly because it will be the first impression the professor or other readers will get about your paper. Here are steps to help you create an executive summary outline:

  • Keep in mind the audience. Make it simple because you do not know who will read it. A simple approach will help you reach all sorts of readers even when your research paper will be read by someone who understands the subject.
  • Keep away from figures and complex explanations. You already have them covered in your research paper just give a very brief summery about the experiments you did and the results.
  • Highlight on the methods. It is important that the reader understands why your research is unique or different. Try to bring out the main features of your paper to attract the reader’s attention.
  • Get it reviews. Make one of your friends, family or someone who does not know the technicalities of the subject, read it. If they understand what you are trying to say then your executive summery is good to go.

Most people mix up their executive summery because they do not know who is going to read it and what it should contain. You must base your summery on the most important point of your thesis. You must also discuss the purpose of the project in this section.

It will help your reader to understand whether to read further or not. You must also highlight some of the recommendations you have said in the paper. As a whole the executive summery should contain whatever that is in the research paper at the same time should not have too much detail.

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