Term Paper Writing Guidelines: How To Create A Good Project In Three Hours

When it comes to writing term papers, one of the major challenges is that they all tend to pile up at the same time for all your courses, and at the same time as final exams. This means that learning to write them quickly and efficiently is essential to getting them all done. While it may seem crazy, you can complete a good term paper in just three hours if you are smart about it and don’t waste time.

Follow these easy guidelines to create a good project in just three hours:

First, eliminate as many distractions as you can. Turn your phone on silent, close out any internet windows with email or social media that may distract you, and make sure you have things like water or snacks that you may need.

Then, you can get started.

15 minutes: Decide on a topic

This can be one of the hardest parts of the process is your teacher hasn’t assigned you one. But try not to over think it. Pick a topic that is relatively straightforward, that you already know a good bit about, and that you know where to look for sources.

45 minutes: Research your topic and take good notes

Researching will allow you to come up with content for your paper. This process will be slightly different for different subjects. For some it may mean reading journal articles, while for others, such as literature, it will mean analyzing a text that you’ve already read. Either way, be sure to take good notes, including the source citations, on your research.

30 minutes: Organize your notes into a detailed outline

First you will need to come up with a very basic outline for your paper. Then, physically organize your notes to fit the outline. This will help you to see how ideas from different sources fit together, and to how you can use all the information you’ve found in your research to make the point you are trying to.

75 minutes: Write your paper

While this may not seem like enough time, if you’ve done a good job with notes and outlining, the writing should go very quickly.

15 minutes: Edit your paper

Proofread your paper to catch any mistakes.

Use a stopwatch to time yourself for these tasks. Keep in mind that they are guidelines and that it is okay if you go over. They are simply meant to give you a goal.

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