Where to Get an Example of an Argumentative Research Paper

Argumentative research papers can be a little tough to write at first. Unlike the argumentative essay, an argumentative research paper is longer paper that will have a lot more arguments in support of your argument as well as counter-arguments you disprove. You will likely have to cite several academic or research articles (providing a list of resources) and perhaps even need to conduct some original studies. Assuming you have experience with each of these components, you will likely still want to have an example or two to look at so you can be sure you are doing the right thing. Luckily there are plenty of places where you can get examples of argumentative research papers.

Ask your instructor for examples.

Your best source for finding a really good argumentative research paper example is asking your instructor. He or she will likely have a cabinet full of great papers from past students or academic resources that will show you exactly what is expected from you. Asking your instructor also gives you glimpse of the kinds of argumentative topics that interest him or her the most. Take the opportunity to ask your instructor for examples early on so that you can be sure you’re getting the choice picks.

Check printed or online journals.

Go to your institution’s library and ask your librarian to direct you to academic journals and online databases that will have example articles for you to browse. These are works written by professors and researchers so you know that they are of the highest quality and will have all of the elements that you’ll need to write a top-notch argumentative research paper. Browsing academic journals will also give you a start on some resources you can use for your own paper, so definitely make the most out of this trip to the library.

Check academic writing sites for examples.

Academic writing and homework help sites are great for finding samples of quality work. You might also find outline templates you can use to organize your own argumentative research paper. If you do find an example you like, make sure you find out who it was written by and where the original source (if printed) can be located, just in case you find some details, facts, statistics, or another aspect you would like to cite in your own paper.

No matter which of these methods you go with, you should always double check with your classmates and professors to be sure you are using a good example to guide you in your work. Take the extra step and aim to have your paper done with plenty of time to spare so that you can compare it with others’ work and have the time to revise if you find you’ve missed the mark.

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