Developing Career Prospects

My world exercise

Recently, I have been more concerned about advancing my psychological background to shape the way I perceive myself and the world around me. I definitely need sound psychological advice to improve things in my life. Competent recommendations will change my attitude to the reality and my reactions to people and things. On the one hand, digital technologies widened my window of opportunities enabling me enjoy the benefits of working from home. On the other hand, however, virtual reality has been making me remote and alienated from the reality. The ongoing problem is that my freelance job assumes much reliance on the Internet. I lead only digital communications with administrators and customers. The Internet provides me with all information I need without addressing other people. Such artificial framework made me alienated from live face-to-face communications with real people. Instead of meeting real people, I am talking to online persons, or chat with friends and strangers on Facebook. Over the years of freelance working, I have become a bit alienated from the conventional society. I do not belong to the army of Internet addicts who spend hours in front of computer screen playing video games; nonetheless, working from home has made me alienated and shaped my worldview. Instead of meeting friends and acquaintances, I prefer chatting with them online. Instead of attending one of the local seminars on personal development, I prefer watching Ted-X series on YouTube. Instead of joining a sightseeing tour, I prefer watching adventurous films online.

Such a lifestyle has considerably challenged the reality I live and work in. While I have become more egocentric, I express less concern about and sympathy to the needs of other people. The world of others has become alien to me. I would definitely like to bridge this gap and erase the block from my life, however, with each single day I feel I am getting more and more alienated from the reality. Instead, virtual reality prevails making considerable shifts in my worldview and perceptions.

I would like to use expert advice to bridge the blocks of virtual reality and adjust relevant psychological exercises into my lifestyle to achieve sound work-life balance. I hope that will help me to achieve better interrelationship with others and synergize my virtual presence with real-to-life accomplishments. In this new reality, I would like to have more time for the people I love and things I would like to do beyond the virtual reality. Primarily, I will free my weekends from work, substitute virtual impersonal chats with face-to-face meetings, and will spend more time outdoors.

Personal achievements exercise

Deprived of corporate setting and competition with others, I still regard myself as high achiever. Freelance working serves as a great motivator and embraces a great deal of self-discipline. Over the years, I have managed to turn into self-employed performer challenging various tasks and assignments. Self-discipline allows me to maintain stability with online companies I work with.

I pursue new challenges in a brave fashion by perceiving every assignment as an opportunity to earn more cash rather than a problem. Positive thinking empowered me with constructive attitude towards individual orders I receive from various customers online. While there is no standard way of career growth just as in the corporate setting, freelance reality makes you cherish every order you accomplish. High quality and customer satisfaction mean that you will receive more orders from the returning customers. By taking more today, I am receiving more in the future and that is how things look like in this rather unstable business. Thus maintaining stability through self-discipline is the greatest achievement for me as a freelancer. This also helps me to maintain proper work-life balance and meet individual deadlines set by the customers.

Personality profile

My personality profile adheres to Myers Briggs’ ISTP Craftsman. I am observant artisan comprehending mechanics and eager to troubleshoot. In my freelance environment, I approach individual tasks with flexible logic and seek practical solutions to the ongoing problems. As a freelance craftsman, I am independent and adaptable to changing circumstances. However, I interact with the world around me in a self-directed manner. Freelance assignment has made me rather attentive to detail as well as responsive to individual requirements of the customers. Dynamic working schedule has made me rather flexible in responding to emergencies. While I consider myself reserved, I do not feel withdrawn or outcast. I am always ready to take action and perform new assignments on offer. At that, I am continuously engaged in self-study activities helping me gain better understanding how things work. Simultaneously, I try to put my knowledge to immediate use without too much theorizing over things.

Being independent and reserved, I much value personal space, enjoy the freedom of spontaneous action and follow my own lead. I am rather selective about my relationships, and appreciate those who respect my freedom and take me as I am. The years of freelance working have made me reserved and aloof. I am more concerned about my inner world than making external observations or judgments about people and things around me. However, I immediately voice the things that should be done in a particular moment; this way, I express my sensory reactions. The role of freelancer taught me to emphasize on action rather than discussing things. At that, with others I keep private about my personal life. More than that, it is rather unlikely I would open up before strangers or openly express my emotions.

Being an individual performer, I am not keen on working with others or sharing responsibilities. Team and group work is particular to corporate setting that does not suit me at all. Working alone for years has motivated me to develop a favorite hobby I am engrossed in after hours. Over the years of working from home, I have much developed intuition that helps me reasonably appreciate for risk and action. While being keen on sports, I moderately approach thrilling and extreme leisure activities.

In line with Myers Briggs’ classification, my personality also involves such traits as criticality, detachment, independence, and resourcefulness. I also prioritize on autonomy at work, professional fulfillment and goal achievement, value security and stability, and remain independent. Apparently, these qualities do not add to the ability of using social coping resources. In the future, I will most likely be unsatisfied with my intimate relationship and marriage.

Work based competencies exercise

Being self-employed, I much value autonomy in decision-making. At work, I solely decide which order to apply for and the way to perform it. While being much dependent on external research sources, I take decisions on my own intuitively trying to meet individual needs of my clients. For many times, intuition helps me to sense their genuine wants. While at times, I may make occasional mistakes by following the wrong direction; in most cases, however, my intuition does not let me down.

The fundamental work competence I pursue is discipline and order in everything. Prioritizing on deadlines and balanced sharing of the workloads help me arrange my work-life balance. This means I get enough time for rest and sleep and avoid working extra hours or night shift.

My values

As a freelancer, I much value my independence. Meanwhile, I recognize that such self-autonomy assumes adverse effects for my future. Once I will get married and have children, I would have to sacrifice part of my working time for the sake of family life. Honestly, I am not ready for such dramatic change in my life, at least for the time being.

The next thing I value most is decency. I work only with honest companies and customers I am sure will never let me down. The bad news about freelancing is that the online business is full of crooks and dishonest schemes that rip decent performers off. While trying to avoid these hooks, I always opt for trusted counterparts with good name and reputation on the virtual market.

Another core value I share responsibility. This is a crucial requisite in developing long-standing relationship with the customers. This means that sometimes I am obliged to deliver free of charge revisions for the assignments or parts thereof where the customer has been left unsatisfied. In the same time, however, by making such deliveries, I show them respect and secure their trust to develop perspective partnerships for the future.

Johari window

Pursuant to ‘Johari window’ model, I will feature myself with the following adjectives: adaptable, brave, confident, dignified, energetic, independent, ingenious, logical, observant, organized, self-assertive, and witty. I would place these features into an open window so that other peers can see them. Further, I would place the following traits into the hidden window: complex, idealistic, introverted, nervous, and tense. All the remaining adjectives featuring my personality will fill in blind and unknown windows respectively.

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