14 Tips on Writing a Research Paper About Organ Donation

Writing a research paper about organ donation might seem challenging because the topic itself is controversial. However, you can compose a strong argumentative assignment if you study and follow 14 great tips on how to prepare such an assignment effectively and what details to keep in mind.

  1. Remember that most research papers are persuasive writing.
  2. Usually, students choose either support organ donation or not, so they pick a side and then try to persuade the readers that their position is sound.

  3. Select an interesting topic.
  4. Your topic should be interesting and present your own opinion supported with evidence.

  5. Conduct a literature review.
  6. Before you start writing, you should make a quick literature study to ensure that you have enough material to develop your topic.

  7. Structure your assignment in a proper manner.
  8. You should select a structure format for your work. For instance, compose an assumption that clearly explains your attitude to the organ transplants, discuss opposing ideas, and provide your arguments with supportive examples.

  9. Select good examples.
  10. Having good examples is necessary to compose a solid research paper, so take your time and consider different details.

  11. Provide info and stats on donors.
  12. Some statistical information will make your argument sound more persuasive. However, don’t forget to cite the sources of information.

  13. Consider ethical aspects.
  14. This kind of donation itself raises many ethical issues. It’s banned in some countries, so you should be careful choosing arguments and providing opinions.

  15. Think about writing a short history of the subject.
  16. It’s a good idea to provide a brief history of organ donation, including when and where it started.

  17. Explain how organ donation is done today.
  18. It makes sense to describe the procedure in your state, analyze its effectiveness, and formulate your opinion.

  19. Analyze the typical problems involved.
  20. If you are against such a donation, you can mention what typical problems people face when they want to donate organs, what conditions apply, etc.

  21. Figure out solutions for those problems.
  22. If you support organ donation, you can provide some working solutions to typical problems involved.

  23. Predict what the situation in the future would look like.
  24. Many research papers contain a section where some predictions for the future are made, so don’t hesitate to provide an expert opinion about artificially grown tissue, for example.

  25. Restate your thesis statement in a conclusion section.
  26. Remember to restate your main idea in the last section of the assignment.

  27. Compose a complete bibliography list.
  28. Make sure that you include all the sources that you’ve used in bibliography and format it in a proper manner.

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