How to Make Strong Thesis Statements for Research Papers

When you are writing a research paper one of the most important elements is the thesis statement. Your thesis statement is what hooks the reader. It is what your entire paper is all about. Without a solid thesis your arguments will seem flimsy and all over the place. You will not be able to interest your reader for an extended period of time and when all is said and done they will not want to continue reading your paper let alone side with you.

So how can you make a strong thesis statement for your research paper?

Tip #1:

The first thing you want to do is to pick a handful of topics and review them each a bit at a time. Too many students will pick a topic and then head into their research at full speed without considering alternatives. This pigeon holes them and leaves them with a topic that may or may not be good. If it turns out that the topic is not good then the student will inevitably hit a dead end at which point they have to start the process all over.

Tip #2:

With three to five topics in mind you want to now research them each for about five minutes. It takes no more than five to ten minutes to conduct a quick search online to verify that adequate academic based research exists on the topic you have selected. This is a very fast trick but it is one that can save you from accidentally picking a topic that will lead you to a dead end. If you conduct a bit of research ahead of time you can ensure that there is enough research on the market for your topic and you can make sure that the existing research does not contradict the topic or angle you have in mind.

Tip #3:

You want to now make sure that you refine your topic. Generally speaking the first topic you select will be too broad for your paper. You want a topic that you can adequately cover within the span of your assignment. So you should verify how many pages your paper is meant to be and from there narrow or broaden your topic accordingly. You can narrow it down by adding things such as a time period to limit the research or adding a character or an element as a limiting factor.

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