Great Sources for Your Research and Writing: Learning to Use Research Paper Database

There is a huge database available both online and in school, which can support your research needs to develop your research through gathering vital information and selecting a specific research problem for analysis and scrutiny. But although they are a huge research option available, the process of selection of the right research topic and related information, becomes all the more difficult for students, who find it difficult to sort out such huge chunks of information in order to select and use the most suitable information related to the research problem. Also figuring out factual information from unworthy or incorrect information becomes all the more difficult when surfing in the online world. Therefore a greater understanding on the credibility of choosing information must be ensured and analyzed in proper light without being blinded by the partisan behavior adopted by some authors in divulging information on a topic as per their priorities and convenience without verification of facts.

Some of the vital sources that can be used for collection of information for research are:

  1. School library, Teachers and Experts in online media are great resources when it comes to developing your research skills and using the right approach in your research. They can invariably support your research requirements by useful advices and guidance on the conduct of the research.
  2. Academic journals which display the works of senior authors and members of the subject fraternity have already prepared their research on the given topic and published in various journals. These are credible sources of information that have been approved by publishers to print the information in their journals due to the validity and credibility of their content and the approach adopted for research.
  3. Books and e books are great resources to gather information on research related topics. They can be easily cited in your research paper and used in the literature review section of the research paper.
  4. Also, certain credible websites by government, NGO’s and private concerns offer valuable information on topics related to research with all the details of the issue, survey instruments and various factual information on the topic.
  5. Also found useful in this regard is the resource available in the form of interviews which gives you the direct information from the horse’s mouth rather than coming full circle by quoting the various indirect sources of information published in the new media.

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