Who Can Help You Write Your Paper?

If you are still an undergrad or in high school for that matter you should not be ashamed of asking for academic help. Especially when it comes to research papers or college essays, the problem is not realizing whether to ask for help or not, it is who to ask for it. People have always had trouble seeking professional expertise for their college essays. Back in the days, internet was not that common and we could not just type in everything on Google or online help sites. The only help we could get was to ask our teachers for advanced appointments.

Therefore, before embarking on the journey of seeking help for your college essay you need to ask yourself four questions:


Okay, so the first question is why do you need help on your essay? Are you having trouble finding a good topic? Alternatively, you are struggling between two different viewpoints and need some professional help? Do you want help with proof reading or the outline? Alternatively, for the entire essay.


The next important step is to decide when you need the help. In the initial phases or throughout your essay writing process or maybe you just need someone to review it once you have finished writing it. Timing is everything.


Okay, so how do you want to seek help? Are you looking for traditional non-digital means? Do you want to consult your literature professor or ask you parents for help? Alternatively, if you are willing to seek online help, will you consult some help portal or forward it to some virtual writer friend? Deciding the means is very, very crucial.


Okay who is going to help you? The main concern we all face! There are numerous people and platform where you can look for help or essay guidance.

  1. Ask you teachers for their email If’s. There is no need to wait for appointments. Just email them your draft or queries and enjoy the responsiveness associated with electronic communication.
  2. You can always outsource your essays to online freelance writers however; try submitting original work.
  3. You can always ask your elder siblings or relatives who have some experience with paper writings and editing.
  4. You can also sign up for free homework websites where you can contact other students or writers and share your ideas with them.

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