Unexplored Research Paper Topics for Psychology Class

Psychology is a branch of social sciences that studies the peculiarities of human mental processes and behaviors. Exploring this field of science will not only get you good grades, but a better understanding of your own personality.

The following topics display the variety of topics that can be found in the sphere. If you choose one of them, you will be able to combine interesting research work and self-culture.

  1. Mental implications of having a secret tattoo.

    Study the motives that make people tattoo their bodies, and the factors that predetermine the parts of the body they choose.

  2. Does alcohol lure people into irresponsible gambling?

    Write about the phenomenon of gambling. Research the interconnection between drinking and gambling.

  3. The books children like to read: early character identity and self-definition.

    Organize a poll in a school; study the results and draw conclusions about the influence books have on the development of a child’s personality.

  4. How were representatives of the 20th century generation influenced by video games?

    Organize a poll; study the results and draw conclusions about the influence video games had on the development of values of a certain generation.

  5. Understanding suicide: the skeleton in the family cupboard.

    Study how family secrets affect the lives of different generations, and cause profound remorse that may lead to self-murders.

  6. The psychological needs of unemployed African Americans.

    Explore the rates of unemployment in different ethnic groups, and define how representatives of this certain race respond to job loss.

  7. Embroidery and stress reduction.

    Explore various ways to reduce stress. Find out how it can be relieved by taking up embroidery as a hobby.

  8. The psychological reasons of dissatisfaction with the facial surgery results.

    Study the reasons why some people have body image issues, and find out whether they can be improved by plastic surgery.

  9. Parents as shrinks: what they can do if their child has cancer.

    Explore how parents can relieve the psychological stress of having a terminal sickness.

  10. Yoga as a treatment for female depression.

    Study the reasons why women get depressed. Describe the advantages of yoga for stress treatment.

  11. Hospice nurses: how to cope with the stress.

    Explore the aftereffects of working in a stressful atmosphere, as well as the ways to cope with them.

  12. Teenage girls’ eating disorders.

    Study the underlying causes of anorexia and bulimia; suggest some solutions to the problem.

  13. Women can be violent too: social causes.

    Discover some cases of violent behaviors of women; trace the reasons back to social backgrounds.

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