Research Paper Topic Ideas for College Students

If you are looking for research topic ideas for college students then look no further.

College level research papers require a bit more analysis and a more thorough argument. College level research papers also require more sources and more evidence for every claim that is made. But in order to find a topic you should think about the topics that you often argue or debate in your personal life; these make for sound research paper topics.

Consider this example: you just read that scientists have determined generous people have a larger amygdala than normal people, and psychopaths have a smaller one. If this is a topic that interests you, it is time to think of what questions remain. A creative topic might be whether or not you can change the size of your amygdala. Ask yourself: are people born with the permanent size or can it be changed? Does committing multiple generous acts physically grow the size of your amygdala? Does being mean make it smaller?

Questions like these can lead you toward the perfect creative research paper topic. But of course you can also find your topic through an interesting article you read or a book you enjoyed. If you are looking for some possible paper topics you should consider those listed below. See if any of them relate to your topic or interest you. Try and make it your own by taking a new spin on it or asking a difficult question about the topic:

  • Is the Electoral College effective? Can changes be made in terms of who can fund senate races in order to make the Electoral College better?
  • Are news organizations tied up in terms of what they can report because of ratings and advertising? Can anything be done about this?
  • Are current copyright laws effective in protection in the internet age?
  • Should daylight savings be removed as a measure of time due to the fact that farmers no longer need it?
  • Should someone do something about Monsanto and their seeds? Who has enough power to stop such a company from controlling agricultural production around the world?
  • Has biotechnology harmed the natural wildlife and can we do anything about it?
  • Should Americans finally catch up with the rest of the world and charge for every plastic bag they use at the store?
  • What are the negative effects of animal extinction?

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