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It has always been a very important part of any research paper writing for that matter to any form of essay writing that you must develop the skills of revision and editing. Knowing the structure of your research paper, choosing the topic wisely, and doing sufficient research to enable you to create an excellent essay are all prerequisites. But having got to that stage, having written a well-researched and well-structured research paper, you must now carry out revision and editing.

We need to understand the difference between editing and revision and proofreading. The latter involves strictly looking for mistakes. If you have any spelling or grammatical errors in your research paper, then your accurate proofreading should find these mistakes and enable you to correct them. You must have a no mistake policy.

Editing and revision

With editing you are looking at the clarity of your writing. You know what you mean to say. You have a plan and in that plan you have listed your main points. But in your writing you may not have explained your main points clearly. To make your writing free of any mistakes, you can get assignment assistance online. This is one of the important aspects of editing. Is your writing clear?

Revision suggests that you will be changing something, you will revise it. Now it may be that you feel the research paper you have created meets all the necessary requirements. This is where it is important that you read it with fresh eyes. One of the ways you can do this is, having finished your research paper, is to put it away and ignore it for a day or three. If the deadline for submission of your research paper is a week or two away, then you've planned your essay writing very well indeed.

By taking out your research paper a few days after you've finished writing, it enables you to look at it with fresh eyes. It enables you to pick up mistakes that you may have glossed over beforehand. The expression is that you are ‘too close to your own work’.

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Getting a peer review of your work is an excellent way to pick up first of all any proofreading mistakes, and secondly any lack of clarity in your writing.


You may not have spotted the ambiguous writing for the poor choice of vocabulary or even your bad sentence structure.


Again it's because you are probably too close to your own work. Sometimes a person's seeing some writing for the first time is in a better position to find mistakes.


But if you can find a fellow student who can take the time to read through your research paper, hopefully if there are mistakes or ambiguous writing that they will be a pick them up and pointed out to you.

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